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Major Equipment

  • Two tabletop centrifuge Avanti J-15R (Beckman Coulter) with JS-4.750 and JA-10.000 rotors

  • Optima XE-90 ultracentrifuge with Ti 70.1 TL rotor (Beckman Coulter)

  • AKTA Explorer 100 FPLC with fraction collector

  • X-band continuous wave EPR spectrometer from Bruker BioSpin (EMXmicro)

  • Nano ITC instrument with computer/software

  • Edinburgh Instruments FS5 Spectrofluorometer with temperature-controlled sample holder with computer/software

  • 3 shaker-incubators (refrigerated): New Brunswick Scientific Innova 43R; Innova 44R

  • Ultralow temperature (-80°C) freezer REVKO (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

  • -30°C freezer (Thermo Fisher)

  • Nanodrop UV-Vis spectrophotometer with cuvette option (NanodropOne)

  • PCR thermocycler (BioRad)

  • Purifier for ultrapure type 1 water

  • Vibration-free EchoTherm IN30 chilling/heating incubator for crystals growth

  • Chromatography refrigerator – 2 doors (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

  • pH meter Fisher Scientific

  • Sonicator


Other Equipment

  • Tube/samples mixers and rotators

  • Vortex

  • Microcentrifuges (non-refrigerated) x 3

  • Balances for weights from mg to hundreds of grams

  • Hot plates and stirrers

  • Fume hood with storage for Acids and Flambe compounds

  • Gas cylinders support

  • -20°C undercounter freezer

  • 4°C 2-doors refrigerated cabinet

  • 4°C undercounter refrigerator

  • Incubator for plates

  • Water bath

  • Millipore XX2702550 12-Position Vacuum Filtration Sampling Manifold

  • BioRad protein electrophoresis system

  • BioRad western blot system (for colorimetric detection)

  • Light microscope

  • Heated mixer

  • Vacuum pump


Through her Adjunct Assistant Professor appointment and membership in the Center for Membrane Protein Research at TTU Health and Science Center, Georgieva has access to the equipment in the Membrane Protein Core Laboratory (Membrane Protein Core Laboratory | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center ( Some of the available instruments are:

  • Jasco J-815 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer

  • Zetasizer Auto Plate Sampler Dynamic Light Scattering instrument

  • Hitachi Fluorescence Spectrophotometer F-7000

  • Mosquito Crystallization Robot

  • Crystal imaging system

  • X-ray diffraction system (Rigaku) for crystal screening

  • ITC and DSC microcalorimeters

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